Besides supplying all the necessary material, Induvent will, if needed, assembly and set up in your premises any type of fan system. From one fan to a full installation.

Renovation table

We define the “number of renovations” as the number of times in which the existing total air volume in a given space needs to be extracted –or introduced–, using a set of fans. The values on the table, for each type of space, show the maximum and minimum recommended renovations.

Paint shop Paint overspray 50-60
Cupola Unit Fumes, dust, excessive heat 25-30
Dry cleaner Condensation and fumes 25-30
Boiler room Excessive heat and dust 25-30
Pool and public toilets Vapors and foul air 25-30
Grinding units Dust 25-30
Foundries Dust, harmful gases, heat 20-25
Soldering shop Harmful gases 20-25
Warm forge Excessive heat 15-20
Rolling mill Excessive heat 15-20
Bakeries Excessive heat 15-20
Industrial kitchens Vapor, heat, fumes, smells 15-20
Factory and workshops Harmful gases, excessive heat, dust, foul air 10-12
Cold forge Dust, foul air 10-12
Forges Fumes, excessive heat 10-12
Garages Harmful gases 10-12
Car reparations Harmful gases, foul air 10-12
Shops and markets Heat, bad smell, foul air 8-10
Slaughterhouse Foul air, humidity 8-10
Storagehouse Foul air, humidity 8-10
Pigpen Bad smell, foul air 6-8
Sport centers Foul air 6-8
Laboratories Foul air 6-8
Henhouse Bad smell, foul air 6-8
Cowshed Bad smell, foul air 12 m³/h per cow
Public shows Foul air, bad smell 30-60 m³/h per person
Sound level scale for different spaces expressed in dB for 1000 Hz.

These values should not be exceeded in 10 dB. The spaces represent a selection of fan application possibilities.

Consult with us to estimate the type of space that needs to be ventilated and the suitable option for your needs.

The noise scale allows, by comparison, deduction of the maximum admissible in each case. Each fan choice implies that its sound level should not exceed the sound level estimated for each space/store.

Hearing threshold 0
Hospitals and churches 30
Concert halls, libraries 40
Very quiet offices 45
Dining rooms 50
Offices 60
Restaurants, cafes 65
Mechanized offices 70
Large warehouses, kitchens 75
Industrial garages 75
Noisy repair shops, engine rooms 90
Boiler shop 110
Painful auditory threshold 130
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