Axial fans

Also called Helicoidals, they move air between two spaces. Air entry and exit follow a trajectory defined by coaxial cylinder surfaces. They can be wall-mounted, roof fans or tubular (cross-flow or tangential). Tubulars can also be portable and are used to project air over humans or things.

  • Range: wall-mounted, roof, cross-flow fans for ships, portables

  • Flows: Up to 180000 m³/h

  • Pressures: Up to 125 mmH20

  • Realizations: direct engine, adjustable pulleys and belts and elastic coupling

  • Wheels: rolled steel, molten aluminum, stainless, rubberized, and plasticized. Thin and adjustable blades.

  • Casing: built in rolled steel, stainless, fire-resisting, or any other material, according to clients specifications, with inspection doors and complete rotor-engine group disassembly

  • Performance: 85%

  • Temperatures: Up to 300° C