Radial fans

Also known as centrifugal, are those in which air trajectory is axial to the entry, and parallel to a radial plane of exit.

Entry and exit in a right angle. Low (less than 70 Pa), medium (from 70 to 3000 Pa) or high pressure (above 3000 Pa), this devices’ rotors are composed by blades that can be: forward facing, radial or backward facing.

  • Flows: from 60 m³/h to 420000 m³/h

  • Pressures: from 35 mmH20 to 3200 mmH20

  • Special fans: for the transport of air and dust, damp spaces, acids, oils, sand transport

  • Realizations: direct engine, adjustable pulleys and belts and elastic coupling

  • Wheels: with backward, forward or radial curved buckets

  • Casing: with logs, drain cock, acid and erosion resistant

  • Performance: 85%

  • Temperatures: Up to 600° C

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